Vitaminize The Soul

It is not true that a difficult beginning in life is a school for overcoming hardships, a hardening that gives a person the ability to withstand them with dignity – no! The one who has gone through such a school gets used to the position of vigilance, and he or she learns the language of evil in order to respond to evil in its own language, i.e. joins the system instead of opposing it. A happy childhood gives a real resistance to a person. Life in a reasonable and loving family, the conditions of love, understanding and humanity seem to vitaminize the soul, give it a margin of safety, allowing it to withstand difficult conditions. A person with a happy childhood acquires spiritual guidelines that help him to always maintain his face and dignity. More than once I have found confirmation of the validity of these words, as a rule, on the example of people – alas! – the older generation, those whose childhood fell on the peaceful pre-catastrophic times of Russia. There were, of course, exceptions, but they are exceptions to the rule.

Sofia Giatsintova

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