The Path Of Ascent

All of these ways: satanic, animal, human and angelic – lead to death. They lead to the death of love, anyway, and sometimes to the death of the individuality in person. In all these ways a person in a state of passive love, he does not take love into conscious will, does not perform “deeds” of love, and love let to itself, disappears like a mirage. Eros flies away. The winged god, always carrying “breath of unearthly joy,” equally flies away either from a happy father of a family, or away from passionate sensualist, or away from weak-willed young man, falling straight from his divine embrace into the arms of death. But if so, where, what is, by what is determined the path of true love? – By the fifth, the last, willed way of love – already not only human, but a divine-human, i. e. the path of ascent.

Zinaida Gippius

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