A True Love Can Enjoy Itself Without Sensual Pleasures

True love can enjoy itself without sensual pleasures, even when the object of love is hidden over the distant seas … In short, the pleasures of love are innumerable; neither the tyranny of parents, nor the tyranny of the fate cannot take them away from a tender heart – and to whom these pleasures are not known, he should not call himself a sensitive person!

Nikolai Karamzin

It Is Impossible to Love People As They Are

My friend, it is impossible to love people as they are. And yet, it should be done. And therefore do good for them, keeping your feelings restrained, clutching your nose and closing your eyes (the latter is necessary). Endure their evil, don’t be angry at them if possible, bearing in mind that “you are a human as well”. Of course, you are to be strict with them, if it is given to you to be just a little smarter than the middle. People by nature are low and love to love out of fear… Should you love life itself more than the sense of it? – Certainly, love is before logic.

Fedor Dostoevsky

The Month of May Blooms In Life Once And No More

On how many tunes and for how long do people know and affirm that “the month of May blooms in life once and no more”? And still June of adulthood, with its tortuous work, with its gravel on the road takes a person by surprise. Youth carelessly rushes into some algebra of ideas, feelings and aspirations; the extraneous is of little interest and it beats little. But here – love, something unknown is found, it all came down to one person, passed through him, everything becomes precious and beautifully elegant via him. The extraneous here also doesn’t beat, lovers are given only to each other – and nothing matters to them even if “grass is not growing on the lawn”! But grass grows itself with nettle and thistles and sooner or later begins to burn and cling.

Alexander Herzen

With This Begins The First Love

We understand this thrilling, timid women’s adoration, which is not part of any daring desire, but it is not Platonism. This is the first moment of the first fresh, virginal love – it’s not a lack of passion, but passion that is afraid to tell even to herself. (With this begins the first love, but to dwell on this is as ridiculous and foolish as to want to stay child for life and ride on a stick). Love has its own laws of development, their ages, like flowers, like human life.

Vissarion Belinskiy

The Nature Does Not Love to Regale And Offer For a Long Time.

Human beings are rich in happiness and joy, if only people could be devoted to them, not having fun trivia. External anxiety, empty worries, irritable obstinacy usually interrupts reality – all this rubbish that by midlife inflicts stupid vanity and dull structure of our way of life. We spend, “spilling through the fingers” the best moments, as if they are endless, and goodness knows how many of them are in presence. We usually think about tomorrow, about the next year, while we should cling both hands to the bowl, poured over the edge, which the life itself gives us, unbidden, with its usual generosity – and drink, and drink, until the cup has not moved into other hands. The nature does not love to regale and offer for a long time.

Alexander Herzen

Everything That Exists in the World Is Made Up of the Same Two Opposites:

There is no doubt that every stick has two ends and that one of them is the opposite of the other, that one is different to another, although the stick is all the same. Everything that exists in the world is made up of the same two opposites … you will agree that, although love and hate are one and the same feeling, but love is one end of the passion and hatred is the other, – the actions and properties of them are so contrary, that they are usually taken as two different things.

Osip Senkovsky

Active Love, Being Compared With Dreaminess, Is a Fierce And Frightening Matter.

Active love, being compared with dreaminess, is a fierce and frightening matter. Dreamy love craves for fast achievement, fast satisfaction and that all looked at it. Here really comes to the point that even give their lives, but let it would not last long, and is done as quickly as possible, as if on a stage, and that all looked and praised. Active love – is work and endurance, as well as for some, perhaps is a science.

Fedor Dostoevsky

Woman, Who Is in Love For the First Time, Loves a Lover and Then She Only Loves… Love.

Profound truth has expressed the one who said that the woman, who is in love for the first time, loves a lover and then she only loves… love. In the first case she is like being absorbed by her friend’s existence and the slightest fear for him, the shortest separation with him – for her is already a true disaster. In all subsequent cases the lover for her is not the subject, but only a means of pleasure, and, shedding tears of separation, she already is looking around: her heart, like an empty house, needs a guest: love for her is not a passion anymore, but habit.

Alexander Bestuzhev

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