While Getting Older, You Lose The Ability To Fall In Love

Maybe it’s as always: while getting older, you lose the ability to fall in love. I speak, of course, about true love that swoops from somewhere with its blissful suffering and agonizing felicity, and most importantly – with all its mystery. That is why I, probably, lost my ability to that, I imperceptibly lost the secret: the world for me became easier and clearer and I even forgot how I had seen it before.

Zinaida Gippius

She Loved Him, But She Loved Only Mentally

She loved him, but she loved only mentally. Formerly she loved him with all her soul and whole body. But when bodies have lost in the misty atmosphere of marriage the entire stock of that wonderful volatile substance, that makes even two pieces of cold iron attract each other, and so much to unite them among themselves, then the mere imagination tied up the couple, and they took for love a ghost love, worn by in their mind. It had all the forms and all the colors of reality. These love ghosts can be called conjugal night dreams, and they are misleading as all night dreams.

Osip Senkovsky

Love Means Do Not Belong To Yourself

Love means do not belong to yourself, stop living for yourself, go to the existence of the other, to focus on one thing all human emotions – hope, fear, grief, pleasure; to love – it means to live in the infinite … One does not know the limits of sense, devotes himself to one being and living, thinking only of her/his happiness …

Ivan Goncharov

The Mystery, On Which Is Based Love Of Motherland

The mystery, on which is based love of Motherland, is not yet explained … I do not dare to argue, but offer a guess. Isn’t it based on remembering ones childhood, of a happy, glamorous life of our time, which is for anyone in any different time of life does not return? Nothing has power to replace for the heart a loss of the state of innocence in which it is located in a serene morning of his days!

Fyodor Glinka

The Man Begins To Comprehend The Essence Of His Own, Only When He Falls In Love

The man begins to comprehend the essence of his own, only when he falls in love. He watched her from beneath lowered lashes. Well, quite not to his taste! So why is he so worried when he sees her? Why is he willing to please her, fulfilling her every desire? Why is he happy like a fool and almost cried for joy? It seems to him that he was looking for her for ages … and that he seems to be guilty for her, and now is the time of redemption … What a stupid idea? He with ruthless clarity realizes that until her, he had never before looked for a single woman through the eyes of love …

Natalia Solntseva

That Was My First Impression

I started to read the Gospel at random and have found a few things that particularly struck me then. I used to consider life as a jungle. Every man was dangerous and like enemy for me. In order to survive in this jungle at early emigration I had be petrified, become a solid, impenetrable. And then I read in the Gospel of Matthew that God shines his light both on good and evil. I thought that if He loves good and evil, and if I want to be with God, then I have to start to love not only good, who love me, that to me is good, but also evil, whom I’m so scared, and which I hated till then. And I decided: to stay with Christ, I will love people despite what they’re doing to me. Let them even scald me by hot water, I still would not give up this love. That was my first impression.

Anthony of Sourozh

Time Is The Great Illusionist And Magician

Time – is the great illusionist and magician, able to cover the obvious and to smooth the rough edges. But these covering and smoothing are only imaginary. It never erases anything, – except that hides most unbearable to the furthest reaches of memory, which is not easy to get. There, in the pristine purity of colors, sounds and sensations, continues to live everything – from crushing defeats, pain and death, to the most subtle nuances of pleasure, beauty and … love.

Natalia Solntseva

When Love Blossoms Between Husband And Wife

When love blossoms between husband and wife it shines in everything and seizes all … Fineness and purity of mutual love is not only stand out of bodily intimacy, but on the contrary, they are being feed on it; and there is nothing better that deep tenderness that blossoms only in marriage and the meaning of which is to live the feeling of mutual compensation of each other. The sense of individual ego disappears for the individual … and the husband and wife feel themselves a part of a common whole – one without the other does not want to experience, but wants to see everything together, do everything together, to be around always together.

Vasily Zenkovsky