Why There Are Such People In The World?

There is nothing more boring than to live with a man who loves neither dogs, no people, neither horses, no books. What is the officer without ambition? You do not like crosses? – Retire! And do not laugh at those who buy them with blood … But why there are such people in the world? – From pride. Believe me, this passion is the key of all passions.

Konstantin Batyushkov

There Are No Genuine, Simple Human Relations, Which They Would Not Have Turned Into A Mutual Enslavement

There is no one universal true thought from which, instead of expanding the circle of actions, a man would wove the rope to tie his legs with, and if possible the other’s legs too, so that a free product of his work becomes the punitive power over himself. There are no genuine, simple human relations, which they would not have turned into a mutual enslavement: love, friendship, brotherhood, tribesman, and finally, the love for freedom itself, – have served as an inexhaustible source of moral oppression and slavery.

Alexander Herzen

What Is Love Here, They Ask, When There Is Nothing To Be Loved For?

What is love here, they ask, when there is nothing to be loved for? Ask for solution of this mystery from “the Builder of the human heart”. What do we love with tenderness and with passion an unworthy brother or son for, for whom we often blush? Property – is a characteristic not only physical, but moral; not only in positive but also in abstract relation it works on us as a sort of power of the talisman.

Pyotr Vyazemsky

True Love Is Not Without Friendship, And Friendship – Without Love.

You say: there are plenty of people with same way of thinking and feelings, – are all of them friends? The fact is that these feelings and thoughts are not worth a penny. Friendship does not accept the feelings and thoughts by weight and on the measure and rate. True friends can quarrel among themselves, get angry at each other, even scold each other; just as we can be displeased by ourselves, get angry with ourselves and confess to our mistakes. To tell about a friend: “he cannot do anything wrong, and in this case acted unwisely”, it is the same as saying: “I confess that I have acted imprudently”. You’ll be fighting, angry, and yet will sincerely love each other … It’s a real friendship, and friendship is to a hair’s breadth from love. True love is not without friendship, and friendship – without love.

Thaddeus Bulgarin

The Ability To Understand

The ability to understand, to feel, to love, to affect necessarily entails the opposite possibility of unhappiness, suffering, hardship, moral insults and bitterness. The tenderer is developing the inner life, the harder for it is detrimental capricious game of chance, on which there is no responsibility for its impacts.

Alexander Herzen

It Is Hard To Love Without Hope For Happiness

It is hard to love without hope for happiness, it is hard to be without hope of reciprocity; but unprecedentedly more difficult is to see yourself a loved one and do not dare to call by the word of love a recognition, crave it as heavenly consolation and escape as honor crimes; have no right to jealousy and melt with fear of betrayal; blame your coldness in her sorrows, multiply your own torture either by the accusations against love, or by accusations against the duty!

Alexander Bestuzhev

They Alone Are Worthy To Be Loved, Who In Themselves Have The Cause Which Impels Them To Be Loved

In friendship, as in love, one should spare the feelings and tastes from dulling … Love is spelled with a blindfold; but friendship removes this blindfold.  Friendship considers before it elects, and is tied to the merits of one person; for they alone are worthy to be loved, who in themselves have the cause which impels them to be loved.

Ivan Krylov

Where To Look For Tolerance

Where to look for tolerance if most of the philosophers, most of the Enlightenment – as they call themselves, – have so much hatred towards those who think not as they do? That is, for me, the true philosopher is the one who can get along with all the world; who loves those who disagree with his way of thinking. The errors of human mind should be demonstrated with noble ardor, but without malice. Tell the person that he is wrong, and why; but do not revile his heart and do not call him a madman.

Nicolai Karamzin

A True Love Can Enjoy Itself Without Sensual Pleasures

True love can enjoy itself without sensual pleasures, even when the object of love is hidden over the distant seas … In short, the pleasures of love are innumerable; neither the tyranny of parents, nor the tyranny of the fate cannot take them away from a tender heart – and to whom these pleasures are not known, he should not call himself a sensitive person!

Nikolai Karamzin

It Is Impossible to Love People As They Are

My friend, it is impossible to love people as they are. And yet, it should be done. And therefore do good for them, keeping your feelings restrained, clutching your nose and closing your eyes (the latter is necessary). Endure their evil, don’t be angry at them if possible, bearing in mind that “you are a human as well”. Of course, you are to be strict with them, if it is given to you to be just a little smarter than the middle. People by nature are low and love to love out of fear… Should you love life itself more than the sense of it? – Certainly, love is before logic.

Fedor Dostoevsky

The Month of May Blooms In Life Once And No More

On how many tunes and for how long do people know and affirm that “the month of May blooms in life once and no more”? And still June of adulthood, with its tortuous work, with its gravel on the road takes a person by surprise. Youth carelessly rushes into some algebra of ideas, feelings and aspirations; the extraneous is of little interest and it beats little. But here – love, something unknown is found, it all came down to one person, passed through him, everything becomes precious and beautifully elegant via him. The extraneous here also doesn’t beat, lovers are given only to each other – and nothing matters to them even if “grass is not growing on the lawn”! But grass grows itself with nettle and thistles and sooner or later begins to burn and cling.

Alexander Herzen

With This Begins The First Love

We understand this thrilling, timid women’s adoration, which is not part of any daring desire, but it is not Platonism. This is the first moment of the first fresh, virginal love – it’s not a lack of passion, but passion that is afraid to tell even to herself. (With this begins the first love, but to dwell on this is as ridiculous and foolish as to want to stay child for life and ride on a stick). Love has its own laws of development, their ages, like flowers, like human life.

Vissarion Belinskiy