It Is Necessary To Instill Love In Them

– Mathematics  and biology they will learn at their universities, colleges, on different courses – spoke passionately Tuchkova – there will take care of the specialty. Art is – our job. Understand: that what we have time to teach them in school, so with it they will remain. For life. This, apart from us, except for school, unfortunately, no one will teach … Only if they do themselves. But for this it is necessary to instill love in them. Catch! At least spark an interest. In adulthood is too late. Is it so important!..

Daniil Granin

The Fulfillment Of All Desires Is The Most Dangerous Temptation Of Love

Their dates continued; but how everything has changed! Erast could not already be pleased to be alone in the innocent caresses of his Lisa – only by her love filled gazes – by one touch of the hand, one kiss, one pure embrace. He wanted more and more, and finally, he could not desire anything; and who knows his heart, who reflected on the quality of his most delicate pleasures, he, of course, will agree with me that the fulfillment of all desires is the most dangerous temptation of love. Lisa was no longer for Erast this angel of purity, who had previously inflamed his imagination and delighted the soul. Platonic love gave way to such feelings that he could not be proud of and which were no longer new to him. What belongs to Liza, then, completely surrendering to him, she only lived and breathed, in everything, like a lamb, obeyed his will and, in pleasure, believed her happiness.

Nikolay Karamzin

It Is Because Of This That The Couples Break Up

– If a girl likes butterflies and exhibitions, then to preserve love you just need to go to exhibitions? – You will laugh, but it is because of this that the couples break up: he does not understand that he needs to go to exhibitions and run with a net through the fields for colorful flies, and she will never drink beer with him for the victory of his favorite team. I know all this, and I say with complete confidence that I love you. So, prosaically.

Knezhin Vasily

Love Is The Only Activity In The Present

To love at all is to do good. So we all understand, and we can not otherwise understand love. And love is not just a word, but there are activities aimed at the good of others. If a person decides that it is better to refrain from the requirements of real smallest love, in the name of the other, future manifestation of greater love, then he is cheating or himself or others, and does not love anyone but himself. Love does not happen in the future: love is the only activity in the present. Human, however, if not showing love in the present, has no love.

Leo Tolstoy

The Path Of A Spiritual Growth

The impossibility of fulfilment for the most amazing, as a rule, first love – apparently, this is so conceived from above. What would humans do when they reached happiness so early? With unrequited first love, fate gives us “a sniff of happiness” and, throwing it to an unattainable distance, says like if for a dog: “Search!” And we are searching for it. This is the path of a spiritual growth.

Fazil Iskander

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I Love More Than Anything Else On Earth

“… Dear, dear, I love you. I love more than anything else on Earth. In the name of this love, I implore you, I demand of you that you leave here as soon as possible. I know that it will hurt you; it hurts me too, forgive me, beloved, but this is necessary. We don’t have to meet anymore. After all, you are empathetic. You will understand me. Let our love, flying to a terrible height, remain there forever and never fall down to the ground. Never never!. I firmly resolved this, but it cost me many tears and hesitation. Forgive me, my beloved. Keep me in memory as I was on this wonderful night. Don’t look for meetings with me; my decision is unchanged. May God grant you happiness and joy in life. I love you, I pray for you and I kiss your eyes. Sorry, your N. ”

Valentin Kataev

Proper Parenting

I always wanted to be recognized not for successes, not for the achieved goal, but because I’m native. And wouldn’t it be easier, wouldn’t it be more natural for a mother to just love her daughter and not look for some kind of justification for her feelings, and not constantly weigh “pros” and “cons”, not see in affection only a method of encouragement, and in severity – a personal victory necessary for proper parenting?

Elena Prekrasnaya

Hoping For God, I Will Not Doze Myself Either

You write that my aunt first was angry at me because of my marriage. I attribute this to her own kindred and Christian love for me; for how not to worry, how not to shake your head, how not to say what she said: «He himself has just emerged from unparalleled misfortune, is not provided for and pulls another creature into his grief, and he binds himself twice, three times.» The same thing told you, my angel, in a letter to me. I understand that it was impossible to answer otherwise, and I attribute all this to your sincere feeling towards me. The matter is behind your eyes, distant; how to judge! But I will answer you: everything is in the hands of God, and I, hoping for God, will not doze myself either. True, I have more troubles in life. There are strict and maybe heavy duties. But there are also unprecedented benefits for me. I do not write them in detail, but they are obvious to me. Moreover, I am not afraid of debt and duty in one respect. Sometimes debt and duty are useful in someone’s life, and it is useful to even tie yourself to them. If a person is honest, then there will be energy to the fulfillment of duty. And not to lose energy, not to lose heart – this is my main need. But enough; the future is in the hands of God. I thank you and Vera for your efforts about me and for your love.

Fedor Dostoevsky

Love Is The Privilege Of The Young

No! She is not against love at all. She is simply afraid of her. Afraid that life will again give her a kick, and indicate her place. And is it worth to love in her thirty-seven years? It’s time to understand that love is the privilege of the young! And her heart has long been occupied, and you should not suffer, wondering again, whether it is love or heart disease. Perhaps, sometime, they will meet … 

Tatyana Kamenskaya

Happiness, Grief, Love, And Death Are Equal

Gray English paper faltered in the dry and thin hand of Natalia Ivanovna. With amazing clarity, she remembered herself for the first time in love, a seventeen-year-old young lady, remembered the clicking of croquet balls, midges over the caps of country candles. She remembered her first girl’s amorousness, which began with this Turgenev letter, that remained unsent; then she remembered her love for her husband, the death of a child, the shooting of her brother, hunger … Her whole happy, difficult, amazing, unbearable and ordinary human life seemed to her a generous, mirror reflection of wild grapes in glass and parquet, the sound of a rain, the smell of lilac, and frequent tears dripped on the red lines of this unsent letter. And she realized that in life happiness, grief, love, and death are equal, that there are no ups and downs in life. She realized that she did not need to die. And the tears were dripping and dripping, spreading over the ink with lilac, pale stars, like dried crosses of flowers, which in some places adhered to gray paper.

Valentin Kataev

To Do The Great, You Have To Love

What does “great” mean? – he objected. – It seemed to the Egyptian pharaohs that they were making great things, erecting pyramids. We are convinced that the great is what is done in the name and for the happiness of the people. At the heart of loneliness lies disappointment, hatred and anger. To do the great, you have to love.

Veniamin Kaverin

Body Guarded By The Love Of People

An emperor should be body guarded not by armed people around him, but by the love of the People; if this will not be, no guard can rescue the emperor, but will itself contribute to his death.  Out of this even can happen the following: the Emperor, being surrounded by a guard, will not need a love of folk, and not having the danger, can cast into those deeds that will cause harm for him himself and the state; instead, if not having guard, he always tries to find it in folk’s love.  

Mikhail Shcherbatov

Why Did They Love Him

For Alyosha was not having any issue for which they love him, what for they prostrate before him crying with emotion at the sight of his face only. Oh, he knew perfectly well that for the humble soul of the Russian commoner, – wearied by labor and sorrow, and most importantly, by everlasting injustice and everlasting sin, both his own and of the world, – there is a strong need and comfort to find a shrine or a sacred person, to fall before him, and worship him: “If we have sin, temptation and unjustice, it is still there on Earth someone, somewhere in the holy and supreme; but he has the truth, but he knows the truth; hence, truth does not die on Earth and, therefore, sometimes it will go to us and will reign over the whole Earth, as promised. ”

Fedor Dostoevsky

Everything Ended At Once

And about six months later, everything ended at once – the love inadvertently flown into my life, and the family that this love blew up, dying itself, and, in fact, the whole life, leaving only a flat shadow of itself – business, money, allies and enemies, an empty game of adult men …

Alexander Kabakov

Love Does Not Arise In You Or Me, She Occurs Between People

One girl said that love does not arise in you or me, she occurs between people. That’s what you tried to explain to me, but you couldn’t find the words. Such love cannot be created fast, she needs time to grow, to grow stronger in a sensitive relationship to each other. How many years have we carefully guarded our development? Love has become air for me. I’m in her, breathing into her, feeling her skin, looking through her. Inhale again and love opens me up once more, and the wounds of the soul heal.

Knezhin Vasily

When The Heart And Imagination Burn In A Person, He Loves To Speak

Erast and Leonid studied at the same pension and became friends early. The first could be called handsome: the second attracted the attention of people with an exceptionally smart face. In the first, from infancy, a rare sensitivity was revealed: the second, it seemed, was born prudent. Erast  surprised everyone by his perception, Leonid – by his diligence. It seemed that the first did not study, but only refreshed in memory the old-learned material; the second never forgot what he once knew. The first, from excessive reliability on itself, was putting off any business until the last minute, sometimes did not learn a lesson; the second always knew it well in advance, still kept repeating and did not believe in his memory. Erast sometimes played the rogue a little, quarreled with his comrades, and often deserved punishment but everyone loved him. Leonid was quiet, exemplary and did not offend anyone; but he was only praised. One was considered sincere, good-natured: he was such indeed. The other was suspected of cunning and even slyness: but he was only careful.  Their mutual friendship seemed wonderful: they were so dissimilar in character! But this friendship was based on the very difference of properties. Erast had a need for prudence, Leonid – for liveliness of thoughts, which for his soul had the charm of wonder. The sensitivity of one required communication; the indifference and coldness of the other were looking for activities. When the heart and imagination burn in a person, he loves to speak; when the soul is without action, he listens with pleasure. Erast, as a child, was captivated by novels, poetry, and in history he most of all loved extremes, examples of heroism and generosity. Leonid did not understand how to deal with fables, that is, novels! The poem seemed to him a difficult and useless game of the mind, and the poets – people who want to quickly run in shackles. He read the history with great diligence, but only in order to know it, not for inner enjoyment, but as vocabulary or grammar. Is it any wonder that the opinions of friends about the heroes disagreed? Erast extolled the magnanimity and courage of Alexander the Great to heaven: Leonid called him a brave madman. The first said: “He defeated the universe!” The second replied: “Not knowing what for!” Erast adored Cato, the virtuous suicide: Leonid considered him a mad pride. Erast admired the turbulent times of Greek and Roman freedom: Leonid thought that freedom is evil when it does not allow people to live in peace. Erast believed everything extraordinary in history: Leonid doubted everything that did not agree with the ordinary order of things. One asked fervently his imagination and the other asked his phlegmatic character.

Nikolay Karamzin

A Joyful Swirl, Festive Dancing Of People In Love With Each Other

I climbed up to the city and went to the field. It was a full moon, in the sky floated heavy clouds, erasing by their black shadows my shadow from the ground. Going round the town by a field, I came to the Volga embankment, laid there on the dusty grass and took a long look across the river, in the meadows on the motionless earth. Through Volga slowly dragged the shadows of the clouds; passing into the meadows they become lighter, as if bathed in the water of a river. Everything around is half-asleep, everything is so muted, everything moves somehow reluctantly, by a heavy need, rather than by an ardent love for the movement and life. And so I wanted to give a good kick to all the Earth and myself, that everything – and I myself, – would spun in a joyful swirl, festive dancing of people in love with each other, in this life that begun for another life – a beautiful, cheerful and honest …

Maksim Gorky

She Will Come!

She will come! To her mouth I’ll cuddle with mine. The shelter we will have in a nook under these thick elms. I am tormented by passionate excitement. But near the beloved one we should pacify the ardent impatience of wishes! We do harm by them to our happiness and reduce enjoyment.

Evgeniy Baratynsky