When People Love Crime

There are moments when people love crime – said Alyosha thoughtfully. – Yes. Yes! You told my thoughts, – they love, all love and have always loved, and not something like “moments.” You know, all people seems once agreed to lie and everyone is lying since. Everyone says they hate evil, but above all they love him.

Fedor Dostoevsky

Old Grief Passes Slowly Into The Quiet Joy Of Supplication

Old grief by great mystery of human life passes slowly into the quiet joy of supplication; instead of young exuberant blood comes meek clear old age: I bless the sun rise every day, and my heart still sings it, but I love more the sunset of his long slanting rays of it, and with them the quiet, meek, the affectionate memories, cute images with all long and blessed life – and above all, the truth of God, touching, reconciling, forgiving!

Fedor Dostoevsky

I Loved, And Not Once

– I do not have complaints in my heart! – he said. – I was always a friend of Life and I’m leaving it as a friend as well towards the sunset of my day. I scooped a handful from the ocean of its bounty, and my soul is full of love for her, a good friend of my day. Handsome and rich was my day, as a game of the sun on the peaks of snowy mountains or starry sky in a warm summer night. I loved, and not once; and not once my heart was grievously wounded, but I’m also proud of the suffering, for sincere and pure they were, I did not increase their strength by moans and did not decrease them by anger to the source of my pain. In the days of sorrow – the women were sisters of mercy to me, in the years of love – they were mothers of my best feelings.

Maksim Gorky

Not Able To Do That They Understand And Do Not Understand What They Are Doing

At the first meeting with Catherine when she says about what is waiting for her due to her breach of faithBoris interrupts her saying, “Well, we shouldn’t think about it, because we are now all right. “And at the last meeting he laments: “Who knew that for our love we would suffer so much with you! It would be better for me to run then!” In short, this is one of those very frequent people who are not able to do that they understand and do not understand what they are doing. 

Dobroliubov Nikolai

Marriage Is A Sacrament

In modern times, the family is too often recognized as a tomb of love, and Eros settles in the romance of free love, often, however, degenerating into vulgarity and adultery. Eros enters the world by invisible, informal, illegal and unnatural ways; individualized love, – a God’s election, with great difficulty defeats nature and prepares its transformation. Only such love can be the basis of the sacrament of marriage, which is not in the official family. Marriage – is a sacrament and therefore cannot be a legal union.

Nikolai Berdyaev