Life As It Is Means For Them More Than Work

My mind is constantly being cleaned. I’m starting to see that people go to work not for lofty goals, – they raise their children, fish, love, quarrel; life as it is means for them more than work. The development of microelectronics excites nobody in particular. I, with my ideology, look as an outsider here. I was intoxicated by destiny, by my machines, and yet nothing shall remain of them, progress will devour everything. What we have done will be the day before yesterday lunch. And I have sacrificed everything … I recently dreamed about Ann, and I saw something with which we began: seductive scar on her cheek, the trace of our total construction fever on Itaka … I do not know whether we will be able to live that long … No matter how much thought, I came up with only one: progress – is to increase the duration of human life. But everything else – advances of technics, science, politics – it is difficult to understand whether they are better for a human or worse.

Daniil Granin

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