Learn To Cherish The Present Moment

Our life is divided into two periods: the first is held in the future and the second in the past. Until some years, in the expectations of his pride, a man is looking forward to the idea: “There, there fate awaits me, worthy of my heart!” The losses are of a little upset to him; the future seems to him a myriad of treasuries prepared for his pleasures. But when the fever of youth is gone, when a hundred times wounded self-love will inevitably learn humility; when hundred times disappointed by expectation we finally cease to believe it; Then, with annoyance leaving the future, we return eyes to the past and want to replace by some good memories the lost happiness of flattering expectations, saying our consolation: yes, we also have been in Arcadia! Then, and only at that time we only learn to cherish the present moment…

Nicolai Karamzin

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