I Loved, And Not Once

– I do not have complaints in my heart! – he said. – I was always a friend of Life and I’m leaving it as a friend as well towards the sunset of my day. I scooped a handful from the ocean of its bounty, and my soul is full of love for her, a good friend of my day. Handsome and rich was my day, as a game of the sun on the peaks of snowy mountains or starry sky in a warm summer night. I loved, and not once; and not once my heart was grievously wounded, but I’m also proud of the suffering, for sincere and pure they were, I did not increase their strength by moans and did not decrease them by anger to the source of my pain. In the days of sorrow – the women were sisters of mercy to me, in the years of love – they were mothers of my best feelings.

Maksim Gorky

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