How Can We Endure Long Worries

“He was an apprentice of this most evasive and plastic sport – going against the wind, walking on it,” wrote Mandelstam. And he also noticed that Dante did not like direct answers and hid behind  Virgil’s back or mask… I think that Dante’s dislike for direct answers, if any, can in no way be the result of his passion for sailing and, in general, seafaring. The sea requires direct questions and direct answers. The ability to make quick decisions is one of the main qualities of a good navigator. In most cases at sea, it is also characteristic that the result of a decision, its effect, is visual and comes quickly … However, this does not mean that a ship, a vessel, does not cultivate in a person the traits necessary for an artist. Both the sail and the steel require careful, neat, monotonous, prudent concerns from the crew – otherwise, everyone will die. We are able to endure long worries only if we are attached to the subject of care not for fear, but for conscience and love it exactingly.

Victor Konetsky

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