Everything Is For A Person, And The Person Is Only For Himself

The sovereign and state respected his merits, reason, diligence and honesty, but no one, except Erast, had a true attachment to him. He did much good, but without any inner pleasure, but solely for his safety; did not respect people, but beware of them; not looking for pleasure, but avoided affliction; non-suffering seemed to him pleasure and indifference – a talisman of wisdom. If we believed the passage of souls, then it would be necessary to conclude that his soul had already suffered in some primitive state and wanted only to rest in the form of Leonid. He lost his wife and children, but, imagining that sorrow was useless, tried to forget them. – His favorite thought was that there everything is for a person, and the person is only for himself. At the end of his life, Leonid would agree to start it again, but did not want that: for he was ashamed to want the impossible. He died without hope and fear, as he usually fell asleep every evening.

Nikolay Karamzin

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