A Rainbow

Julia pestered Andreas with questions:  whether love hinders scientific occupation and whether a man after forty can live without love; does love really have a great place in the life of a modern man, who works enthusiastically. Andreas replied frankly:  Woman is needed for a long time, and love – it depends on how lucky you are… Love is a decoration; it is a rainbow.

Daniil Granin

Oddly Enough

My dear friend, I am so pleased that you are going to Petrograd – in my mind I lovingly walk beside you along its streets, go into the rooms where we met and where I lived, receiving your short and merciless letters. The main thing between us has always happened in letters – and it still happens, oddly enough. Write me in detail about your trip.

Veniamin Kaverin

It Haunts My Imagination

This kiss bestowed by you, haunts my imagination. And in the noise of the day, and in the silence of the night I feel its imprint! If sleep comes down and closes my eyes, I dream of you; I dream of pleasure! And the dream was gone, oh, happiness! And with me is only love, only exhaustion…

Evgeniy Baratinskiy


Petr Petrovich, having made his way out of nothingness, was painfully used to admiring himself, highly valued his mind and abilities and even sometimes, alone, admired his face in the mirror. But most of all in the world he loved and appreciated his own money, earned by labor and by all means: they equated him with everything that was higher than him.

Fedor Dostoevsky

The Two Loves

The father was not old yet, sturdy, strong; mother was very young, I am between them. The two loves, two different streams of warmth wash me, bear me. What a luck is to run under their glances, deserving praise for the way I jumped over a puddle. My mother loved me more strictly, father – more tenderly, he saw me less, forest-cutting team tore us apart, but in the summer when he received me, then he would not let me a single step aside.

Daniil Granin

Why Other Women Still Live On Earth

You should not believe in women’s love. You should remember that woman loves by body, not by soul. Women are cunning, oh! And evil. They even do not like each other. Look on the street as they so viciously and begrudgingly watch one another; it is all of greed: each one is angry that in addition to her, other women still live on Earth.

Maksim Gorky

How Long Women Have To Wait

Nika, having heard a dog barking in the yard, every time jumped out onto the veranda, and then rushed in slippers through the melting snow to the mailbox. She returned back gloomy, hiding her eyes and biting her lips. Her black long hair pulled out from under the barrette and hung along the cheeks. Maria did not say anything. She only looked sympathetically at her daughter’s hunched figure and smiled sadly. What could she say to Nika? What about, and why? Let her wait! Perhaps this is her fate. You never know, how long women in Russia have to wait for their loved ones. They sometimes do it all their lives!

Tatyana Kamenskaya

The Retractive Force Of Nature

Life is love, life is maintained by love in an indivisible (it is their means of reproduction); in this case, love is the centrifugal force of nature; by it adjoins the last link to the beginning of creation, where it was repeated, therefore, love is the retractive force of nature – radius without beginning and infinite in the circle of the universe.

Nikolai Stankevich

A Depersonalizing Word

He was surprised by the amount of poetry existing in the world about everything that happened between them. To designate it by the word “love” was not interesting, it was depersonalizing. And he feared this word. Between them there were subtle and different feelings and emotional changes, and only poetry could somehow catch these feelings and name them.

Daniil Granin

A Gift, Sent Down To Man In Life

Speaking of love as a gift, sent down to man in life, is meant that this gift “is not in vain, not accidental”, that the person is obliged to take it into his will and can ignite the divine spark into the divine-high flame. The “deed” of love is neither daydreaming, not a fantasy. It is as real and strong-willed, as a matter of the public. And as a public affair cannot be done if you do not see the goal in it and do not understand its meaning, so it is impossible to do love affairs either. Both cases lead to the same: “to improve the reality.”

Zinaida Gippius

What Does Create Mean?

You are worried like a deaf-mute in love. Your poems are like a dull saw, pull the soul, not dividing it. Create – this is, after all – to share by entering something yours in someone else’s soul. Look: reading Merimee, I do not pull Carmen out of her glittering nest; it was formed indelibly; an artist has cut the soul having inserted the diamond. What did he do by that? He has gathered all for my soul: like this rapid proud image, even if it was to all the flashing of views, scattered among the crowds, musical memories, carving ornamentation, landscape, mood or sleep – if only it was like a gypsy Carmen by quality of impression. From crumbs they bake bread. From grains grapes are poured.

Alexander Green

Love Of Power

The desire to please is the female form of love of power, as the desire to surprise, i.e. to scare is a male form of the same passion. The woman surrenders herself to whom she wants to govern; the man wins her who wants to be a slave.

Klyuchevskii Vasily

Love And Jealousy

Jealousy is not connected with the freedom of a human. In jealousy there is an instinct of ownership and domination, but in a state of humiliation. It is necessary to recognize the right of love and deny the right of jealousy, having ceased to idealize it. Jealousy is the tyranny of human over a human. Especially disgusting is female jealousy, turning the woman into a fury.

Nikolai Berdyaev

Without Love The Person Is A Fool

– The main thing, buddy, – is you should love your ability. You for yourself are something unimportant, and your ability – is your gift to the world. What about God – it is good too, of course. However, remember the saying: God is God, but be himself not bad either. And the main thing – love. Without love the person is a fool!

Maksim Gorky

God Needs Children

– Here’s to you, the young, a need to know: there is a woman, as if the fortieth bear. With three you play love – no consequences and nine – nothing; and if stands on the way your fourth or seventh, and this is the end of you. She will bewitch and tie you; there will be no light for you but her, you will live like a blind man. She is called – a Fate Woman. Keremet sends her as a punishment. God needs children, there should be people. And when one naked game only, with no children, he does not like it. It is not necessary for him…

Maksim Gorky