Without Love The Person Is A Fool

– The main thing, buddy, – is you should love your ability. You for yourself are something unimportant, and your ability – is your gift to the world. What about God – it is good too, of course. However, remember the saying: God is God, but be himself not bad either. And the main thing – love. Without love the person is a fool!

Maksim Gorky

God Needs Children

– Here’s to you, the young, a need to know: there is a woman, as if the fortieth bear. With three you play love – no consequences and nine – nothing; and if stands on the way your fourth or seventh, and this is the end of you. She will bewitch and tie you; there will be no light for you but her, you will live like a blind man. She is called – a Fate Woman. Keremet sends her as a punishment. God needs children, there should be people. And when one naked game only, with no children, he does not like it. It is not necessary for him…

Maksim Gorky

Understanding The Sanctity Of Love

The man who breaks up with a woman who he once loved, in that bitter hour and a great moment, when he unwittingly realizes that his heart partly, but still is permeated by love, this man, trust me, is better and deeper understanding the sanctity of love than the faint-hearted folk, who out of boredom, out of weakness continue to play on the semi-torn strings of their sluggish and sensitive hearts.

Ivan Turgenev

A Housing Problem Only Ruined Them

People like people. They love money, but it’s always been … Mankind loves money, does not matter what they would have been made of: if made of leather, paper, bronze or gold. Well, frivolous … Well, well … and mercy sometimes knocks at their hearts … ordinary people … in general, they resemble previous generations … A housing problem only ruined them.

Michael Bulgakov

Whom I Love, Thereof I Beat

You know, I strongly suspect that she loves me in her own way – that is, you know the saying: “Whom I love, thereof I beat.” All her life she will take me as for a Jack of Diamonds (yes, it is something she probably needs) and yet love in her own way; she is preparing to it, such a character. She is a very Russian woman.

Fedor Dostoevsky

No Other Way To Love, As To Make Those Whom You Love Happy

Sometimes, listening to you, one can say that I am a monster, having all the flaws and especially stupidity. I’m terribly secretive. And if I’m upset, if I cry, it is not from sensitivity, but for a completely different reason. Therefore, you need to despise it and treat me down. This trick is very gentle, which affects my mind. Yet this mind, no matter how angry and terrible it is, knows no other way to love, as to make those whom it loves happy. And for this reason it is impossible for him to be, even for a minute, in a quarrel with those whom he loves, without coming to despair. And it is all the more impossible for him to be constantly busy with reproaches directed to one, then to another, every minute of the day. My mind, on the contrary, is constantly busy searching virtues and merit in those who he loves. I love to see everything wonderful in you. Tell me, how would you look if I constantly reproached you for all the shortcomings of your acquaintances, all those whom you respect or who serve you? If I made you responsible for all the nonsense that they do, would you be patient or not ?! If, seeing your impatience, I would be angry, would stand up and run away, slamming the doors, and after that I would avoid you, not looking at you, and even pretend to be cooler than they really are; if I added threats to it, does this mean that I was important? Finally, if after all this your head is also hot and the blood boils, it would be surprising that we both were out of our mind, did not understand each other and spoke at the same time.

Catherine II

Not Of This World

In love, there is something aristocratic and creative, deeply personal, non-genderal, non-canonical, non-prescriptive, love is backbreaking for consciousness. Love is already laid in some diverse plan of existence; not in the plan where human race lives and develops. Love is not necessary to the human race, not necessary to continue its run and dispensation. It stays somewhere aside. Above love cannot be theologizing nor moralizing nor sociologizing nor biologizing; it is just out of that, it is “not of this world,” love is an unearthly flower dying in the midst of this world. The growth of love is tragically impossible. It has been certified by the greatest artists and poets of all time.

Nikolai Berdyaev

Religious Meaning Of Love

There is nothing more disgusting than a female demonism, male anger and male vanity in a woman; as well as self-adoration, which introduces strife and enmity into the world. The evil struggle between women and men for supremacy, the vicious enmity in love itself, poisoning the basis of gender, can be terminated only by reconstitution of the religious meaning of love.

Nikolai Berdyaev